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Guy B. Marin





Guy has a very broad experience in research and development related to the field of steam cracking, among many other (petro)-chemical processes. He received his chemical engineering degree from Ghent University, where he also obtained his PhD. After working in research/academic positions in the United States and The Netherlands, he returned to Ghent, to direct the Laboratory for Chemical Technology of Ghent University, a position that he still holds.


R&D Manager



Andrés Muñoz G.

+32 (0) 9 241 5702




Andrés obtained a Chemical Engineering degree from Universidad San Franciso de Quito, and a PhD from Ghent University in 2014, investigating the influence of reactor materials on coke deposition during steam cracking processes, at the Laboratory for Chemical Technology. He then worked coordinating the technical and commercial development of COILSIM1D under a mandate of the Flemish Industrial Research Fund (IOF), which ultimately lead to the creation of AVGI.

Senior R&D Consultant


David J. Brown

+32 (0)499 94 25 33


David has more than 40 years’ experience in the steam cracking business, 28 with US licensor and engineering company, Stone & Webster, and 13 with operating companies ICI, UK and TOTAL, Belgium. David holds 6 patents for equipment improvements in steam cracking furnaces and has presented papers at 15 international conferences, mainly on the topic of combustion CFD. David is a former Session Chair at the Ethylene Producers’ Conference (EPC) and a former member of several European Ethylene Producers Committee (EEPC) Issue Groups. David is a Fellow of the (British) Institution of Chemical Engineers and holds a Master’s Degree (M. Eng.) in Chemical Engineering from the University of Cambridge and a Doctoral Degree (D. Phil.) from the University of Oxford.

Product Specialist


Hadiseh Karimi




Hadiseh obtained a Masters degree in process control from Sharif Universty in Iran and a PhD in Chemical Engineering from Queen's University in Canada. After conducting postdoctoral research on furnace modelling in collaboration with an ethylene producer in Canada, and later working on big data analysis using multivariate statistical analysis, she joined AVGI, where she works on modelling and further development of our products.

Modelling Researcher

Ismael Amghizar


Ismaël obtained a Masters degree in Chemical Engineering from Ghent University in Belgium. He then started a PhD programme, focused on kinetic and reactor modelling of steam cracking of hydrocarbons at the Laboratory for Chemical Technology of Ghent University. While finalising his disertation, he joined AVGI, where he works developing and programming models to simulate steam crackers.

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