Given our strong scientific vocation, we have compiled a list of our own and other relevant publications, as well as a selection of links we think you will like.


Ethylene Producers' Conference

Plant-Wide Optimization for High Value Added Products - a Steam Cracking Case Study (2018)

IMPROOF: Integrated Model Guided Process Optimization of Steam Cracking Furnaces (2018)

Oxygen-containing contaminants and steam cracking: Understanding their impact using COILSIM1D (2017)

Improof: Integrated Model Guided Process Optimization of Steam Cracking Furnaces (2017)

Full Furnace simulations and optimization with COILSIM1D (2016)

Furnace firing control: The key to extending your runlength (2015)

Catalytic coating for reduced coke formation in ethylene-producing steam crackers: experimental and model validation (2014)

3D steam cracking reactor technology: the good, the bad and the ugly (2013)

Assessing the influence of alloy composition on coke formation in steam cracking reactors (2013)

Bio-ethylene production: alternatives for green chemicals and polymers (2012)

Steam cracking of heavy oil fractions revisited (2011)

From biomass to ethylene: steam cracking of renewable naphtha (2010)

Effect of process conditions and feedstock composition on run lengths of steam cracking coils (2009)

Taking optimal advantage of feedstock flexibility with COILSIM1D (2008)


Decision-Making and Optimization of Steam Crackers using COILSIM1D (2017)

Extending Furnace Runlength and Performance with Modeling (2016)

First principles-based design of 3D pyrolysis reactor (2015)

Comprehensive 3D modeling of steam cracking furnaces: influence of the flue gas radiative properties, burner geometry and shadow effects (2014)

Computationally efficient CFD simulations with detailed free-radical mechanisms (2013)

Applying advances in parallel computing to pyrolysis modeling algorithms (2012)

Automatic reaction network using chemo-informatics (2011)

Indexed peer-reviewed journals

IMPROOF: Integrated Model Guided Process Optimization of Steam Cracking Furnaces (2017)

On-line analysis of Nitrogen containing compounds in complex hydrocarbon matrixes (2016)

Impact of flue gas radiative properties and burner geometry in furnace simulations (2015)

Impact of radiation models in coupled simulations of steam cracking furnaces and reactors (2015)

CFD-based design of 3D pyrolysis reactors: RANS vs. LES (2015)

Influence of the reactor material composition on coke formation during ethane steam cracking (2014)

Coking resistance of specialized coil materials during steam cracking of sulfur-free naphtha (2014)

GPU based simulation of reactive mixtures with detailed chemistry in combination with tabulation and analytical Jacobian (2014)

Computational fluid dynamics based design of finned steam cracking reactors (2014)

Coupled simulation of an industrial naphtha cracking furnace equipped with long-flame and radiation burners (2012)

Modeling the composition of crude oil fractions using constrained homologous series (2011)

First principle-based simulation of ethane steam cracking (2011)

Molecular resonstruction of complex hydrocarbon mixtures: an application of principal component analysis (2010)

Molecular reconstruction of naphtha steam cracking feedstocks based on commercial indices (2007)

Two severity indices for scale-up of steam cracking coils (2005)

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